Active or Honorary Members may propose only one (1) candidate in any two year period but may second one (1) additional candidate in that same period. Each candidate needs a sponsor and a second. Provisional letters and seconds are due not later than March 1, 2019 and can be snail-mailed or e-mailed to Jan Hermann, 14047 Camberra Court, Chesterfield, MO 63017 or

Sponsors are encouraged to bring a potential Provisional Member as a guest to an open meeting at least twice. Potential Provisional Members should be actively interested in the study of herbs; be able to attend at least four (4) meetings out of seven (7) regular meetings each year; be able to work in TSLHS Herb Garden on most Tuesday mornings April through October; participate in educational classes, our annual herb sale and outings sponsored by the Society; participate in workshops where we make our products, help decorate a room of the Tower Grove House for the Christmas season, and deliver a five-toseven minute talk on an herbal topic at the end of their second provisional year. While potential Provisional Members need to be aware that they are looking at two busy years, it also is important to emphasize that all the activities are fun, not to mention educational. In addition, through the activities, Provisional Members quickly become totally immersed in this amazing, nurturing and caring organization. By the end of their provisional period, they are by no means “new” members.

Additionally, according to our bylaws, we are limited to 60 Active Members (not counting Honorary Members). There is no limit to the number of Sustaining Members, who can participate in all Society activities, but are no longer required to attend four (4) regular meetings per year. While Sustainers no longer have a vote, they also are freed from the expectation that they hold office or actively participate on a committee, although they may be on committees if they choose. There is a process that enables Sustainers to return to Active Membership if their situation changes in ways that permit them to devote more time to the Society.

To keep this dynamic group going, it is important that Active Members be, as the name implies, active; working in the garden, attending workshops and participating in Society outreach programs. All levels of membership need to work within the framework to provide for a constant flow of Provisionals and Active Members who can keep the traditions of The St. Louis Herb Society in place while allowing the group to remain energized and effective.